Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sarah's Wedding

I can't believe Sarah got married yesterday!! The ceremony was beautiful. Sarah looked amazing and happy. We were glad we were a part of it!! Congrats Sarah and Cory!!

Emergency Surgery

I had to have a D&C the day before Sarah's wedding. I went in for the surgery at 9 and got home at noon. That night I went to Sarah's wedding dinner and I was feeling great. Friday morning I woke up early to go down to the Manti Temple for Sarah's wedding and that is when the pain set in. Oh My!! I hurt so much. Surgery sucks!!

Grover (I know I'm behind)

I know I'm way behind. I took Kayl down to Grover with my family. Todd stayed in Orem cause he had taken too many days off already. Kayl enjoyed going to the waterfall when we got there. He really didn't like sleeping in the tent.
Kayl had so much fun playing with his cousin Rachel!! It was a fun trip!!