Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dreams do come True!!!

I waited so patiently for months and the day finally came today. I waited in a drive-thru for 1 hour to get a In-N-Out burger. So worth it!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My little Racecar driver

We love to go to Home Depot just to walk around. Plus they have the coolest carts ever!!

Our House Exploded

The other day Todd and I were just sitting on the couch watching Bot Meets World when all of a sudden we heard water falling onto a floor. We sat there for a minute thinking it was the show. When the water didn't stop we went on a frantic search to find where it was coming from. Todd went into the bathroom to find a waterfall pouring out of the ceiling. I quickly got some bowls from the kitchen to try and control the water.
Todd ran as fast as he could to the upstairs neighbors to tell them to turn their water off. When he got upstairs the guy from maintenance, Jordan, was already there. He was fixing their drain. The minute he unclogged their bathtub our ceiling started to leak.
Todd and Jordan ran downstairs and ripped our ceiling off to discover two holes in the pipe as big as quarters. Without realizing it Jordan had pushed the clog past the holes and turned the bathtub upstairs on which released a flood of water into our house. He ran down to Home Depot and built a new pipe.
Our ceiling is finally fixed it is just waiting for one more coat of paint. I'll post after pictures soon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Last year I decided that I would write a book. I have great creative writing skills. My dream was put on the back burner when I got my job. Since I lost my job I decided to take it up again. I searched my whole computer for my book. I was beginning to think that my husband deleted it. Today, as I was sending a few resumes away I saw a file named Book. I opened it and to my surprise there was the first two chapters of my book. I sat down and wrote some more and changed a few things with the chapters. Now I'm stuck. I have writers block. Any feedback would be nice.

Chapter 1

I was born on a cold night to a pair of uncaring parents. It was a miracle that I survived the birth. My mother was on meth that night and my father was nowhere to be found.
When my mother, Vicky, appeared in the Emergency room the nurses paid no attention to her. They thought that she was just another drug addict looking for a quick fix at the hospital. It was about two hours before the police were called because my mother was being crazy.
The police showed up in about 5 minutes and tried to take my mother into custody when her water broke. All at once no one cared that my mother was high and they rushed her up to a birthing room.

“Vicky, where is your husband?”
“I don’t know,” my mother screamed. “I walked here!”
“Are you allergic to any medicine? Do you have insurance? Who is your OB?”
“I don’t know!! Just get this thing out of me!!!”

The doctor came rushing in and told the nurses not to give my mother any pain killers. He didn’t want to hurt me anymore than I already was. He quickly put a fetal monitor on my head, I was still inside of my mother at this point. He called for an ultra-sound machine.
Ten minutes later my father was brought up in handcuffs. He was being arrested for a DUI and my mother didn’t care.

“I’ll bail you out when I’m done here. I love you Baby!” my mother screamed.
“I love you too”

The doctor finally got the ultrasound machine brought to him. He began to scan my mothers body but he could not see me. He got really concerned because my mother was forty-one weeks pregnant and I was nowhere in the body.
My mother was rushed to the OR so they could perform a C-section to get me out. When the doctor cut into my mother he was surprised at what he found. There I was, staring up at him, not making a peep, clean as a whistle, and in perfect health. He slowly reached into my mother and picked me up. The minute I felt his hands on me I gave him a big hug and smiled.

I was a medical anomaly. By the fourth hour in the hospital I was crawling. The nurses could not keep up with me. The doctor called in specialist from all over the world to come and look at me. I was only eight pounds and I was now standing.
As the experts began to arrive, I started to walk. The nurses began to play tag with me and as I was chasing them I got frustrated.

“ STOP!” I yelled.

The nurses turned around so fast, they had thought that a doctor had yelled at them. When they saw me glaring at them they started to laugh. Two seconds later I was laughing.
By this point all of the experts were there. They all began running tests on me. An hour into the tests I terrified the experts by telling them that I needed a MRI on my brain.

“I think that there is something in my brain that is blocking my optical nerve because I can’t see out of my right eye anymore.”

They rushed me to the MRI, and to their surprise my brain was the size of a grown women. Discovering this, they were able to tell my mother what was going on.

“Vicky, your daughter is a miracle. She is so advanced already.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, your daughter was born with a fully developed brain. She is a fully grown woman inside an eight pound body. Now there are some complications with this.”
“What kind of complications?”
“Your daughter is going to have to remain in the hospital until she is 21. She has to be kept under constant watch. Her brain is so big it is causing her blindness right now. She has been walking and talking but we need to keep her here so she doesn’t get hurt.”
“What makes you think she will get hurt at our house?”
“By law, I am not allowed to give her too you. You were on meth when you gave birth and your husband was arrested for a DUI.”
“I’m a good mother!! My son is with a babysitter right now!!”
“You have a son?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Well, I still can’t give her to you and I’m going to be calling child services and your son will be brought here to stay with his sister. He may need medical attention.”

Twenty minutes later, my brother was brought into my room. Darren was five when I was born he was so excited to meet me. Darren climbed right into my bed and we sat up and talked about how he was. He was really scared at first because I was so small. After about five minutes he warmed up to me and we started to play together. We both got really tired two hours later and we fell asleep.

Chapter 2

I awoke, sweating and dehydrated. I rolled over to check on Darren, he was still asleep. I slowly climbed out of bed and started pacing. As I was pacing the door started to slowly open. As if I had a sixth sense I sprinted to the door and slammed it shut. Darren awoke in tears from the noise.

“Darren, it’s mommy open the door. I want to kiss you and your sister goodnight.” came the sickly sweet voice from the other side of the door.

“Darren don’t! It’s a trick! She is going to take us away from here and hurt us!” I screamed.
“Your sister is wrong, I love you and would never hurt you two.”
“Please, listen to me. She is a bad person, she doesn’t love us.”

It was no use, Darren had been living with Vicky for five years and he loved her no matter what she had done to him. I ran as fast as I could to the Help button on the wall but I was too slow. Vicky was on top of me, crushing my little body. I had no choice but to surrender to her. She quickly hit me over the head with an IV pole knocking me unconscious.
I knew that my body was unconscious but my mind wasn’t. I could see what was going on and I quickly tried to regain control of my body. It was no use, I could not wake myself up. Now I had to watch what she was doing to me from a different dimension.
She picked my limp body up of the floor and wrapped me in a blanket. She slowly placed me in her oversize purse, grabbed Darren by the wrist and walked out the door.
For about twenty minutes I was in total darkness. I could hear voices all around me, yelling. When I finally saw light again my body was awake again. I slowly poked my head out of the bag and noticed that I was in a house. My mother was nowhere to be seen. I climbed out of the bag and found myself in a room that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in over 20 years.
I was frantic trying to find Darren. I tore the room apart but there was no sign of him anywhere. All of a sudden my mind pulled my body to the door. I slowly opened it and noticed that there was someone crying three doors down. I checked to hallway to make sure that no one was around and I ran for the door. I opened the door and I found my mother beating Darren with a garden hose.
My mother was too busy with Darren to notice that I was there. Darren turned his head to look at me. I had a strange sensation come over me. I had never felt so much anger in my short life as I did when I saw this.
I ran out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen. Being only 8 pounds, it was very difficult to push a chair over to the counter. I finally got the chair in a good position to climb on top of the counter. I found a knife and my mothers cell phone.
I frantically called 911. I was able to remain calm enough to tell them what was going on. There was disbelief from the dispatcher but I was persistent and she told me that the police were on their way.
I hung up the phone in time to hear footsteps coming down the hall. My mother was coming. I felt terrified for the first time. I knew she would notice the chair out of place and I had no time to fix it. I jumped from the counter with the knife in hand and hid under the sink.
I peeked out from my cupboard and noticed my mother was carrying a very limp Darren. Ten minutes passed as my mother just stood in the kitchen holding Darren’s body. Suddenly my ears heard the sirens and my mother sprang into action. She took Darren’s body and stuffed it in the cupboard next to mine. I saw her running around the house throwing away all of her drug paraphernalia. When she left the room to check the other rooms for drugs I moved from my cupboard to the one Darren was in.
He was alive!! I knew that if I didn’t get him to the hospital soon he would die. I had to think fast. I was tiny and couldn’t lift Darren.
“ Mrs. Porter, we got a call from this address about a possible abusive situation and drug abuse.”
“ I don’t know what you are talking about, I’m just here with my children and we are watching movies and eating popcorn.”
“Do you mind if we come in and check?”
“Um… sure…. Come on in.”
It was then I reacted. I opened the cupboard a crack to see my mothers feet standing in front of the cupboard Darren and I were in. I pulled my knife and stuck it in her foot. She screamed and fell to the floor. The cops rushed over to the cupboard and opened it to find my brother and I hiding. My mother kept screaming that we were just playing Hide and Seek.
“Hi there, my name is Sergeant Nelson, what’s yours?”
“This is my brother Darren and he needs to get to a hospital now.”
The Sergeant fell back in disbelief. He had addressed the question to my brother who was regaining consciousness and I had answered.

Chapter 3
“What’s your name?” Sgt. Nelson asked me
“ I actually don’t have a name yet.”
“How old are you?”
“Eight hours and eleven minutes old.”
“ Incredible!”
As we were talking my mother was arrested and I heard the ambulance arrive to take Darren and I back to the hospital.
“ I think you need a name before you go anywhere.”
“ Will you name me?”
Sgt. Nelson was quiet the whole ride to the hospital. I knew he was deep in thought about what to name me.
When we arrived at the Hospital I refused to leave Darren. I felt a huge responsibility to him. Sgt. Nelson calmed me down enough to be taken back to the room that had been assigned to me eight hours earlier.
We sat in silence for over thirty minutes. I was so worried about Darren that I jumped out of my skin when Sgt. Nelson started to talk.
“ I’ve put a lot of thought into the name that I want to give you. If you don’t like it you don’t have to keep it.”
“ What is it?”
“ I’ve decided to name you Katrina. It means pure.”
“ That is a beautiful name.”
I kept saying it over and over in my mind and I fell in love with it. I smiled as the doctor walked in the room.
“ Excuse me, Sgt. Nelson, can I talk to you alone for a minute.”
“ I’ll be right back Katrina.”
He left with the doctor and I sat there alone for quite sometime. I wanted so badly to see my brother and know what was going on with him.
The door opened, the doctor and Sgt. Nelson came back in. Their faces looked grim. It was bad news an I already knew it.
“ Katrina, I have some bad news. Your brother is in a coma and they don’t know if he’ll ever come out. Your mother did a lot more damage than we thought. Since both of your parents are in prison the responsibility falls to you to make a decision.”
“ What are my options?”
“ You could wait it out and see if he comes around or you could pull the plug and let him die.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had been alive only nine hours and I had already lost my family.

Chapter 4
Sgt. Nelson and the doctor left the room so I could think. I did not want to lose Darren, he was the only family member I cared for. I couldn’t bear the thought of pulling the plug. I loved him and needed him.
For the first time in nine hours I broke down and cried. I didn’t want to make this decision and I knew I couldn’t make it.