Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth: Todd and I have been in debt since before we were married. We finally decided to calculate it and it was well over 30,000 dollars. 15,000 of it was in medical bills.
Reconciliation: After many talks with my parents and our Bishop we came to a solution. Todd and I have filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Truth: We are fully aware that simply filing doesn't fix our habits. We know we have spending issues and have come to terms with it, and are learning from our mistakes.
Reconciliation: We are taking the advice of our Bishop and my parents and we are addressing the mistakes that we made head on so we will not make them again.

Truth: I have high ambitions for myself and I'm hoping to start school in the spring.
Reconciliation: I understand that it will put us in debt again but I'm fully committed to becoming a nurse.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bike Riding

Awhile back and I both got bikes. Then Todd got hit and he got a new one. We have a really nice kid seat that Kayl just loves. I need to get a trailer for my back since I can't balance with the kid seat on there. Anyway, Kayl loves to go on rides.

I always know where Todd is because Kayl loves that horn.


Kayl has discovered to joy of Snappers. I think we went through 60 boxes because he just couldn't get enough of them.

Fantastic News!!!

We got a new car!! I was very nervous to but the van on KSL because I didn't think anyone would want it since it completely stopped running. But, by some miracle, a guy from Salt Lake called and said he would pay 400 for it as is. I was so grateful that he didn't care that it wasn't running.
I was still nervous to sell it because I wanted to make sure that we would have a car the same day we sold the van. I was on KSL for 5 hours yesterday searching for a working car that wasn't that expensive. Finally, I came across a car that someone was selling for 600 so we called him up and went to take a test drive. We fell in love. Then the most amazing thing happened, the guy we were buying the car from dropped the price to 400!! We broke even!!
There are a few minor things wrong with the car. The most expensive thing that will have to be fixed is an oil leak. The Transmission in this car is in perfect condition. We are excited to have a car that can pass safety and emissions, as well as be a good reliable car.
Now, the pictures!!

I'm so grateful to the years we had with the van and I'm very blessed that the Lord had his hand in this situation.
P.S. Kayl is madly in love with the fact that it is a convertible. He loves the wind in his face!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

R.I.P. Van

After three years of ownership and a few road trips, the van my parents gave us died. We knew that the van had some issues and I took it to the repair shop and it would have cost over 3000 dollars to fix. The transmission crapped out on us. Dang it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Times!!!

Todd and I were at Maceys almost an hour ago and Todd did the funniest thing. We ran in to grab some snappers and when we came out Todd walked to our car and tried to open Kayl's door, it didn't open. I looked at him with a confused face and moved further away from him. So, he opened the front door and was about to unlock the car when it finally hit him that our car was actually the next one over. I just laughed.
What a dweeb.