Monday, October 27, 2008

Has it really been a year?

It seems like only yesterday I was in the hospital giving birth to my sweet baby Kayl and now he is one year old.
October 27th last year, Todd and I decided to pull an all nighter. See, we had just gotten the entire collection of Star Trek movies and we wanted to watch as many as we could. At this point I was so over being pregnant with Kayl. I had gone to the doctors four days earlier and he said that I could give birth anytime I wanted to. He also gave me permission to try and get him out, so I took some castor oil. I was really nervous to take the castor oil because my mom had taken it when she was pregnant with my older brother and she told me that it was so gross. I decided to put the oil in some hot chocolate and to my surprise it didn't taste bad at all. Then Todd and I sat down to watch the movies.
We had just finnished the first Star Trek movie and I didn't feel anything so I decided to take another dose of the oil. We then started The Wrath of Khan, about 10 min. into the movie when I decided to take a bath because I didn't feel too good.
I got out of the tub 10 min later and told Todd that it was time to go to the hospital. We ran out of the house and rushed to the hospital.
When we got there they measured me and I was three centimeters dialated. I was having the worst pain ever and they hadn't decided if they wanted to fully admit me yet. I told them to call my doctor and ask him if they could induce my labor. My doctor told them he would be right over.
My pain was getting so much worse and I wanted to get the epidural. My doctor told me that he had to break my water first. Todd was actually not there at the moment because I made him go home for the camera and the movies because he forgot to bring them. The doctor broke my water and I started crying. I had the worst back labor ever. It was exruciating and I wished Todd was there.
When Todd came back the Epidural guy was there and was about to give me the shot. When he got it in and the medicane took effect I felt so much better and was able to take a nap.
By this time it was about 5 am on the 28th. I didn't wake up til about 7:30 when they came to check me. I was still 3 centimeters so they let me rest for awhile more.
9 am came along and they came back in and told me that I was 10 centimeters and ready to push. I started the pushing around 9:30 and I was pushing for 2 and a half hours.
12:01 pm came and Kayl was born. After he was born and down in the nursery with Todd getting his first bath the doctor told me that it was really good that I had him early because if I had gone the last three weeks he would have been 12 pounds. I was just so happy to have him here and now he is a year old. It went by way too fast.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party at the House!!!

Here are the lovely pictures of our party at the house. Kayl loves cake!!!

Birthday at the Zoo!!

Today we went to the zoo for Kayl's daytime birthday party activity. I recommend that you never go to the zoo when they do the Trick or Treating. It was so packed and crazy. Kayl still had a lot of fun and it really wore him out.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthday balloon and laughs!!

So, I know that many of you have never heard Kayl laugh. Well, we caught a video of him hitting himself with a balloon and laughing at it.

Is naked really better?

I woke up on Wednesday to a funny site. Lately when Kayl wakes up he is so kind and plays in his crib for an hour before he wakes me up. He always wakes me up to his laughter and Wednesday was no different. I rolled out of bed and walked over to Kayl's crib. He was standing up laughing at me. It took me awhile to actually let my mind wrap itself around what I was seeing. Kayl had taken off his Diaper and was standing up with a smug look on his face. He was so proud of himself. I started to laugh and when I started, Kayl started up again. He just thinks he is the funniest baby around.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A productive but very painful day!

Today started out as a fantastic day. Kayl and I woke up at 11 am. We ate some breakfast and then I got him dressed and we got in the van and headed to Provo. I was able to register the car in 10 minutes. I was so surprised that it was so cheap. I thought that it would be about 200 dollars. It ended up being only 98.06 to get new plates and register it for the first time.
After we were done there Kayl and I went to Costco to order his birthday cake. He was being so good for me, so I decided to make one more stop. We went to Albertsons and ordered one more birthday cake because they have a promotion that you get your kids first birthday cake free. Yay for free cake!
We got home and Kayl went down for a nap that lasted 2 hours!! I was able to take a nap too!! I woke up 30 minutes later and Carley had come over and brought the Rug Doctor. Kayl was still asleep thankfully. Carley and I went to her car to get the vacuum. I was carrying it just fine but when we got to the stairs we had to double team it. Carley went backwards and I went forwards. We were doing fantastic until I got to the last stair. Thats when my shoe decided to be funny. It flipped over and made me roll my ankle really bad. I heard a bunch of cracking and then pain.
I had just rolled my ankle and then sat on it. I started crying when I noticed that I couldn't move my toes.
Five minutes later Todd came home and carried me to the van. Kayl was still asleep and I didn't want to wake him up so Carley and Chris babysat him while Todd took me to the Insta-care.
The doctor took some x-rays of my foot and ankle. He told me that it was really really badly sprained.
So, in conclusion I've discovered that if I ever have a perfect day again I will know that I'm going to hurt myself. Because, two days before my wedding I had another one of these perfect days and I boosted myself of the couch and as I got off my ankle rolled and snapped. This time it was 5 days before Kayl's birthday party. Just my luck huh!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Splish Splash Kayl's taking a bath!!

So, Kayl has never splashed in the bath tub before. Todd was giving him a bath after his cookie and I had run out to finnish the dishes when Todd yells for me to get the camera. When I got back to the bathroom Kayl was splashing around. I was so excited about it so I decided to get a video of it for everyone to see.

If you give a Kayl a Cookie....

You get a very messy but happy baby!! Kayl loves cookies!!

Our new Car!!!

So, my parents were so nice and gave us their old van. We are so grateful that they gave it to us. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How Kayl prepares Mom for bed

Kayl still hasn't gotten back into his sleeping groove so we try to wear him out by playing silly games with him. In the end it wears me out more. So now I'm extremly tired and Kayl is no where near ready for bed. Oh well. Enjoy the cute video tho!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yummy Nummy Food

So, I have two blogs. Well, I'm a contributer to Mom's in the Kitchen. I just want to tell you all about it. We post this yummy recipies on it. If you ever need an idea for dinner or fantastic desserts just go to
It is also on this page. Thank you all for reading my blog!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Everyones Walker

Kayl's waker has now become the cats walker. Todd decided that it would be fun to place the cats in Kayl's walker. Kater was nice enough to sit in it for about 5 minutes. Haru sat in it for about 1 minute and Lily was in it for 2 seconds. I was so sad that I didn't get a picture of her. My cats are nerds!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

3 Kittens for Sale!!!

Todd and I are selling our kittens. They are 5 dollars each. They eat solid food and are litterbox trained. Please give these kitties a nice home!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

High Chair Happiness

I would love to thank Alyssa for letting us borrow her high chair for a while. Kayl absolutly loves it. No more food in the carpet. Thank you so much!!!