Monday, June 30, 2008

My New Wedding Ring!!

Last Friday, Todd and I were at the mall. Todd took me into a jewlers and let me look around. When I saw something I liked I would get excited. Then this Saturday after we came home from St. George Todd ran to the mall and came home with a beautiful ring. It is made in white gold and has a pink saphire in the shape of a heart on it. I love my husband so much!!

I'm in Love!!

I have found a food that Kayl Loves! These little puffs are amazing. They melt in his mouth and they actually taste pretty good. They have a lot of flavors but Kayl's favorite so far has been the Apple-Strawberry. I recommend these to everyone who has a baby that is learning to self feed. They are fantastic.

Perfect Timing

I have been trying to sell my Geo for about four months now and I was starting to lose faith that it would sell until this morning. I got a telephone call while I was in St. George and they wanted to come and look at my car. I told them that I would be home on Sunday. I then got a phone call this morning and they said that they were still interested. They came over 20 min. later and we talked about the car and they took it on a test drive. The test drive was a little longer then usual so I was hoping that they didn't steal it. When they came back they told me to get in my car and drive to my bank. They paid me 2500 cash for the car. I started to cry when they told me they wanted it. I was just so happy. Now my Geo is gone and we still have the problem of a cheap apartment.

When I came home from the bank I checked my e-mail and I had gotten an e-mail from the apartment that I had applied for. They told me that they would hold it for me till July 18 and I told them I could move in the 17. The rent there is only 510. It would've been more but they wanted us to be the apartment managers so we get a discount. I'm just so happy that everything is finally falling into place.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kayl and the Map of Doom

This is our video of Kayl fighting with the map!!

St. George Trip Cont.

On our way home, it was much like our way there. Not a whole lot of sleeping but a whole lot of goofing around. I gave Kayl a soda can that wasn't open and he reached out for it and took it away and started to yell at it when it didn't give him anything.
He has seen us drink soda from a can that it was so cute to see him copy us!
We stopped at Cove Fort to see if it would calm Kayl down a little bit so he would take a nap. It worked, because when we got back in the car I fed him a bottle and he passed out for an hour.

When he woke up he noticed that I was playing with something. I handed him the map and as you can tell he was quite intrigued by it. After a while he decided that it would be much more fun to chew on the map then look at it. Well, we made it home safe and sound. Now we just gotta get Kayl over his cold.

St. George Trip Cont.

They have the coolest round abouts in St. George
My favorite resturant ever!!!

My second favorite resturant!!
Around that big mountian is a cul-de-sac. I just thought that it was funny!!

St. George Trip

This past week was a crazy week for the Tangreen Clan. Todd got a call on Saturday night and it was Tyson asking him if he would come down on sunday to St. George and stay the week so his nephew Chris could stay up in Provo with his newborn baby for a while. So, on Sunday we went up to my Grandparents mission homecoming and left right afterwards and started our drive to St. George.
Usually, Kayl will sleep in the car but for this car ride he decided that it would be fun to stay awake the whole way down. I ended up having to sit in the back with him so he wouldn't think that I had left him. All the way down he was very talkative and just wanted to play with me.
While he was focused on his toys I was able snap some shots of the sceanary that we passed by. But, the moment he noticed that I wasn't looking he would give me a cute little scream so as to get my attention.
He does have quite a cute face when he screams at you. Little did I know that he was getting a little cold. Oh well, I got some Tylenol and he seems to be getting a lot better.

Finally, when we were ten minutes away from Tyson's house he decided that he would pass out. Why he couldn't just fall asleep in the car I'll never know besause he was really tired the entire way down.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Todd and I love camping! The only problem is that I'm too scared to take Kayl with me because I know he will cry all night. Thankfully we have Wendy and Logan who are always willing to babysit him for us. So, we dropped Kayl off after the Summerfest at Wendy's house and headed up to Hope Campground with our friend Shawn. We got there around 4:30 and set everything up. Todd found a hatchet in the trunk and he brought it out. Needless to say I was entertained for about 4 hours with it. While we were eating our bunless hamburgers (Shawn forgot the buns at home) a deer wandered into our campsite. Again, Todd being the amazing man I love, whipped out the camera and started taking pictures. After the deer wandered off Tod and Shawn went on a walk to see if Shawn could get service on his phone. I was left back at camp to be bored out of my mind. Thankfully I had a hatchet! When Todd and Shawn came back, Todd showed me some pretty pictures he had taken. After another hour it got dark and we started to play with fire. We were attracting moths like mad. Todd, again, whipped his camera out and started to take pictures of a really big moth that had hit his head on the propane lamp and just sat on our table. Even in the morning in was still there, I gave him a great funeral.

This is Bob!
He died here at 8 a.m.

We love Grandpa Logan!

Today was Fathers day! Happy Fathers Day to all you Daddies out there. Todd and I went to his Aunt Jill's house for dinner. Kayl loves being around the family, he smiles and giggles around everyone. He even hands out kisses to people. Kayl was really tired when we were driving there so he had passed out by the time we pulled up and the minute we got him out of the car he was awake again. First, Grandma Wendy took Kayl so Logan and Todd could eat and after Logan was done he took Kayl so Wendy and I could eat. Kayl Loves to play with Grandpas hair. His favorite thing to do with the hair is put it in his mouth and then try to put it into Grandpas mouth. Kayl giggles when Grandpa makes funny faces at him. So, Todd whips out the camera and takes some really great pictures. I'm so tired Daddy!
Fine I'll look at the camera better.
Hi Grandpa!

Why didn't we win!?!

Why we didn't win the baby contest I'll never know, just look how cute he is. You tell me that he is not a cute baby. LOL!!


Todd and I took Kayl to the Orem Summerfest and entered him in the cutest baby contest. After we had done that we walked around and ate some food and watched some entertainment. After a while Kayl got very tired so we went home to take a nap. After our nap we went back to the Summerfest to hear the winners of the contest. Kayl was so excited he was almost jumping out of his stroller because of all the other babies around. We waited for 15 mins. and then they annouced who won out of his age group. We lost! Oh well, there is always next year.
Did I win?
No! Oh Well! Can I eat that babies hair?
Then we took him to see the Fire Truck. He was so happy. He loves cars and when Todd put him in the passenger seat he started squealing with delight.
I can almost sit all the way up!
What do you want?
I wanna be a fireman mommy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Broken Bones and Late Night Walks

Today, Todd called me to inform me that he had dropped a manhole lid on his finger. At first I laughed at him cause I thought it was funny but then I thought about it again and I told him to be careful and to come home on time.
When he got home I examined the finger and noticed that it was really swelling up. I was going to take him to the hospital when I remembered that doctors can't do very much for a broken finger. Just like they can't do very much for a broken toe seeing since I have borken all my toes at one point in my life.
We went to Macey's and got a finger splint. I splinted his finger and told him to not use it very much.
When we were coming home from Macey's Kayl decided to have an outburst. It was only half an hour past his normal bedtime but lately he hasn't being doing anything normal. He hasn't been going to bed on time or taking his regular naps everything is different.
At about 10:45 I got fed up with him crying so i told Todd that we were going on a walk. We got Kayl dressed again because he had just taken a bath and we put him in the stroller and went on a 45 min walk.
When we got home, Todd took Kayl out of his stroller and cuddled with him a little then he gently laid him down in his crib and now he is fast asleep. Maybe we have to do walks more often with him. Now maybe we can get some sleep. Yeah Right!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sleepy Baby!!

This weekend we are taking care of Todd's moms dog. So we went up to her house and Kayl was so hyper we didn't know what to do. So we let him crawl around for a while as we took care of the dog. When we were getting ready to leave Kayl started to get fussy and act tired. We got him put back into his car seat and got him in the car. He finally passed out as we got to the gas station. When we got home we found him sleeping in this position. So we decided to take pictures of it for you. Enjoy how cute he is!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fast cars and little boys!!

Kayl has found a new favorite toy....My car!! We have been trying to sell this car for a while, we decided to fix the car up to see if it'll sell better. But now I have a problem... Kayl is in love with it!! I think that I have a future mechanic on my hands. Not even 1 and he already wants to drive!!

Kayls New trick!!

Look what he can do!! P.S. He started crawling 3 days ago!! YAY!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's in the Park?

A Big Kayl Monster!! Todd and I were excited to find a park close to our house that we could take Kayl too. The park even has ducks, which Kayl loves. This was Kayl's first experiance being on daddy's shoulders. He loved every minute of it.