Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zoo Take Two

So, today we decided to go to the Zoo. Todd was really sad last time I went because he had to work so he was so excited to take Kayl again. We forgot his coat so when we got there we bought him a really cute sweatshirt that he got off of himself halfway through the zoo. Here are some really cute pictures of him that we took. Bat Cave!!
I'm very tired!!
We tried to get the Rhino in this picture but it didn't work out at least Kayl looks cute!
Why did you put these mittens on me?
I like to play with my fingers
What did you say dad?
Oooo!! Big snake

The Meerkat had Kayls attention for a while
Look a Kitty just like ours!!Porcupine!! Kayl cried when he saw this animal!
This monkey came right up to the glass to see Kayl! It was so cute!

Zoo Take Two Cont.

Here are some of the fun animals Kayl saw today!!

Red Panda

Black Bear
Mountian Lion
Sand Cat

White Alligator

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Roller of DOOM!!!

So, today Haru made the mistake of sleeping right next to Kayl's couch. I was feeding Kayl so Haru was content and not bothered. When I had finnished I laid Kayl down on his back on his little couch.
I then went to the bathroom and I had gotten half way there when I heard a cat squeal and the saw Haru run into my room. I turned around and what do I see?? Kayl had rolled over onto where Haru had been laying. Kayl was just giggling and poor Haru didn't come out of my room for over an hour.
Now I have to keep an even closer eye on Kayl. Next step... Crawling!! YIKES!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Car!!

To anyone who is interested-
I'm trying very hard to sell my car. I'm selling it for 3500. It is a fantastic deal please help me find someone who wants it. Or if you want it let me know. Here is all the info on it. Great car!! Runs great!! One headlight is missing but it was just for show. I never had to pay more than 25 dollars to fill the gas tank even when gas prices went up. Great for a student. 4 doors, automatic, 4 cylinder engine auto locks and power windows. Mileage-102467. Gold exterior, Grey interior. It's a 1996 and I've kept it in great condition. Please please help me sell it!!

Call me if you know people that are interested at 801-404-2310
Love you all!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kitty Cats!!

All 5 in one spot!!

All of our kittens!!

There are 5 in this picture it's just that the 2 black ones are on one of the other black ones. So in the end we have 4 black ones an 1 orange one. Fun Huh!!!

To The Most Amazing Woman Ever, Katharine

Today Is Katharines Birthday and so i just wanted to share some feelings. Katharine you are the most amazing person i waited all my life to find someone just like you you really are my perfect match everything about you is absolutely Wonderful and i love you with all my heart and nothing will ever change that. this is a poem about you and me on 10/7/06

Perfect Accident

the day we met you were funny
you made me smile and laugh
we hung out and spent time together
we were friends and all was well

then times changed and we moved apart
out of touch and kinda forgot
lives move on and we grow up
we meet again and worlds collide

we hang out were friends again
stay up all night having fun
but things changed and we moved apart
loose touch and move on

one day i saw you near
that day you saw me too
i walked accrost the room
we talked, laughed, and hungout

were hanging out and having fun
then i kiss you out of the blue
you hold me close and i hold you
this accident led me to you

we spend our lives together now
we dream and long for each other
we love and it wasn't planed
this perfect accident has made us whole

Happy Birthday Sweetheart I Love You So Much!

Friday, March 7, 2008

To Many Cats

So today I got a really big surprise! I was feeding Kayl at about 4 o'clock when I heard some strange squeaking noises. I thought that it was his bottle make the noises but it kept going so I put Kayl down and started to walk down the hall. I had just barely set foot in the hall when I saw a kitten crawling in the doorway to Kayl's room. I bolted for it and picked it up with a washcloth. I took our laundry basket and laid a towel in it and put the kitten in. Then a ran around the house looking for Lily because I didn't see here when I found the kitten. I finally found her under the bed so I grabbed her and put her in the basket as well. I did this all while talking to Todd on the phone and telling him that I needed his help.
Todd came home and I ran to the grocery store to get milk supplement and bottles just in case the kittens don't eat. When I got back she still had only one kitten. Todd made himself something to eat and then came and sat down for a little bit. As he was into his 3 peice of pizza Lily gave birth to another kitten. This whole time I'm running around taking care of Lily and Kayl because Todd had to go back to work.
An hour after Todd left Lily gave birth to another kitten. Then half an hour later 2 more kittens were born. So now I have 3 adult cats and 5 kittens. 2 are spoken for but if anyone else wants one let me know. 4 are black and 1 is orange.
Great Birthday present Huh!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ode to the Love of my Life Todd!!

Today is Todds 23rd birthday so I thought that I would write to him.

Todd, I love you with all my heart and I'm so happy that we are together. We make a great couple. I'm so happy that you gave me such a beautiful son and I can't wait till we have more children. I will be forever grateful for all the hardwork you do to keep the house in order. I'm glad you are here to take care of me and Kayl.
Here is what Kayl had to say to you l;anvario;na;lsfn;fsjkn;afjklxc,nerhgnjklane;jh;fjka jkkkkkkkndsdsakkkkkkkkkksankl.
P.S. That means I love you daddy in baby computer talk. I love you so much Happy Freakin Birthday!!!