Monday, September 22, 2008

He really can crawl!! He just finally wanted to show off!!

We finally got it on video. Kayl can crawl and at the end of the video he shows you that he can almost stand up. We are working really hard to get him walking before Halloween. Anyone know any tricks? He spends a lot of time in his walker and he stands next to the couch for 30 minutes at a time. Any advice would be great!!


Diana said...

i love how he goes straight for the kitten and how it runs in terror. Lol. He is so wiggly! So cute.
Nice haircut Todd

Shaillé said...

We were excited with Matthew to get him walking too. One thing we had was a little push car type thing that we let him use - so he would hold on to the handle and walk with it by pushing it along. That seemed to help more than a walker - they don't seem to learn much balance in a walker. But also the thing we realized is no matter how much you push them to walk they won't do it until they're ready. When he can stand for several seconds on his own without leaning against anything that's one sign that he's getting enough balance. Anyway, hope this helps. :)