Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our House Exploded

The other day Todd and I were just sitting on the couch watching Bot Meets World when all of a sudden we heard water falling onto a floor. We sat there for a minute thinking it was the show. When the water didn't stop we went on a frantic search to find where it was coming from. Todd went into the bathroom to find a waterfall pouring out of the ceiling. I quickly got some bowls from the kitchen to try and control the water.
Todd ran as fast as he could to the upstairs neighbors to tell them to turn their water off. When he got upstairs the guy from maintenance, Jordan, was already there. He was fixing their drain. The minute he unclogged their bathtub our ceiling started to leak.
Todd and Jordan ran downstairs and ripped our ceiling off to discover two holes in the pipe as big as quarters. Without realizing it Jordan had pushed the clog past the holes and turned the bathtub upstairs on which released a flood of water into our house. He ran down to Home Depot and built a new pipe.
Our ceiling is finally fixed it is just waiting for one more coat of paint. I'll post after pictures soon.

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