Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proof that my son is my husbands child not mine!

The other day I was awakened by Kayl screaming in his room. I turned and looked at my phone. It was 6:30 am. I rolled out of bed and walked into his room.
Kayl was sitting on his bed surrounded by black throw-up. I don't do throw-up well so I turned around a told Todd to get out of bed.
I went in and started the bath water and Todd got Kayl naked for me and I put him in the bath.
I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom when I heard Todd start laughing hysterically. He came into the bathroom with Kayl's bedding and put it in the washer. I asked him what was so funny.
When he had gone to take the sheets off of Kayl's bed he discovered a stash of Oreos under Kayl's pillow.
Evidently, Kayl decided to have a late night snack and make himself sick. I didn't even know he knew how to hide food from me. I have to keep my eye on him.


Diana said...

Unfortunately I'm eating breakfast while reading this, and eating and reading about throw up don't mix well together.

Secondly, I am really really really glad that I stashed the Oreos up in the cupboard this morning. I saw they were left out from last night, and I'm positive Michael would've gotten to them before Richard wakes up this morning---that would've been bad.

Rachel said...

That is too funny! Kids are smarter than we think, huh? :)