Friday, January 6, 2012

Dino Day

Have I ever told you how much Kayl loves Dinosaurs? No, well he is totally in love with anything that has to do with dinosaurs especially Raptors. Kayl loves to watch the Jurassic Park movies and for Christmas we got him a lot of dinosaur stuff.
Today I decided that we would have a Dino Day after he came home from school. First we started off at the BYU Dinosaur museum. It's small, but Kayl loved it!

He is such a little cheeser!!
Our next stop was The Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. Kayl was so in love here. He got to see his Raptor.
Kayl and the Raptor

He go so dirty!

Raptor without Kayl

Big Shark

My little Paleontologist

Now to end our day we are sitting at home eating popcorn and watching Jurassic Park!! Such a fun day, I'm exhausted!!

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