Monday, August 11, 2008

Kayl has moved......

On to drinking out of a sippy cup. Finally I can relax a little and know that he is feeding himself. I do have to pick the cup up when he throws it at me but he can feed himself. He has also discovered the joys of pancakes. We went to Denny's like two weeks ago and I had some panacakes. I made the mistake of putting them a little too close to Kayl and before I knew it he had one in his hand and was tearing it apart and putting some in his mouth. At first he wasn't so sure but after he got the first bite chewed and swallowed he just kept eating it. I think that he just likes to tear them apart and make a mess. He made such a big mess but giggled the whole time he did it. I now have to make pancakes at least once a week or he gets mad at me. At least Todd and I love pancakes!!

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