Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Spider Prank

Nancy's post about her teasing Rachel with a fake spider brought back a fantastic memory that I thought I would share with you.
Now, Sarah and I didn't always get along when we were younger and this particular day she had annoyed me so much that I was wanting to get revenge on her so bad. I know that Sarah is terrified of spiders and I had a huge rubber black and yellow spider in my hope chest. I waited until Sarah was halfway asleep and then I creeped into her bedroom and placed the spider ever so gently next to her head. I then proceeded out of her room.
I was in my room next door and I heard a huge scream about 2 minutes later. Sarah had woken up to a huge spider next to her head. I went in and took it back to my room. Ten minutes later she was halfway asleep again and this time a placed in on her chest. I left the room and she woke up 5 minutes later screaming. I got her two more times that night. Sad thing is, I have no idea where my spider is now.

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