Wednesday, March 18, 2009

They actually listened!

I used to get Strep Throat 2-3 times a year and whenever I would go to the doctors to get it checked out they kept telling me, "Oh, we'll take them out next time you get Strep."
Well, seven years later, I went to Dr. Pratte because I was scared that my Thyroid cycst had grown again and that they would need to take it out. He sent me back to Dr, Maturlo and she did a ultrasound on my neck and found that my cyst was still there but it was so small that it was not causing my choking or ability not to swallow. She was concerned because she didn't find anything so she looked in my mouth and found that my Tonsils were huge. She immediatly made an appointment for me to see Dr. Riddle.
On Monday, I went to his office. He gave me an exam and took one look at my tonsils and told me that they really needed to come out. The problem is that I am at very high risk for surgery due to the fact that I have Sleep Apnea. I'm terrified but I know that I'll be okay.
After I get my tonsils out on the 3 of April they will do a sleep study a month after to get the severity of the Apnea. If it is as bad as he thinks it is, I will have to wear a CPAP mask to bed every night. I'm just glad to be finally getting my tonsils out because whenever I get sick my Lymphnodes swell up and push my tonsils and makes it impossible for me to eat and breath.


Marika said...


I got my tonsils out the fall after high school, and had an AWFUL experience.

Stock up on Cream of Rice, pudding with no chunks(not rice or pistachio or tapioca), and popsicles.

Don't eat anything after you wake up from the "nap" after you get home from the doctor's--you WILL throw it up, and cause AWFUL scar tissue and scabs to build.

Do EVERYTHING the doctor tells you to do, and be prepared to be out for longer than expected.

Seriously. It's not an easy, in and out, fast recovery-type thing.

I didn't eat for 2 weeks after my surgery, and then I only could handle liquids for another 2 weeks.

Most of all, good luck!


Nikki and Ray said...

Good luck sweetie, and make sure they take your adenoids out too cause that will help with your sleep apnea. Hope you have a beautiful day wednesday too.