Friday, April 10, 2009

I think I have a mini Pooh Bear

Since I've had my tonsils out I haven't been able to eat anything. My mother in law suggested that I warm up some honey and drink it because it'll coat my throat. I totally recommend this to anyone who is getting their tonsils out soon. Anyway, I was scared that I didn't have any honey in the house. I went on a frantic search through my cupboards and and ran across some of my Grandpa Anderson's bee honey. MMMMMM My favorite.

I loved when we would go down to Arizona and visit Grandma and Grandpa. I would climb his lemon and grapefruit trees and eat them right off the vine. I loved helping my Grandpa get the honeycombs out of the bee cages. I was so intrigued by the process that I once wanted to be a bee farmer. My Grandpa had all sorts of fun things at his farm. I'm proud to say that my Grandpa taught me how to cow tip. I really miss him.

Anyway, back to my story, I was heating the jar up on the stove and making the honey nice and warm. I poured some in a glass and started to drink. It felt sooooo good going down my very sore throat. Kayl saw what I was doing and came over to investigate. I got a spoon and some of the cooled down honey and gave some to him. He was a little nervous at first but then he put it in his mouth and started to suck on the spoon like there was no tomorrow. By the time I had finished my 3 ounces of honey he had had like 6 spoonfuls. I bet that If I set a pot of honey in front of him he would stick his head in it like Winnie the Pooh. I totally regret not getting pictures of his face. I wish I had more of my Grandpas honey cause I only have a fourth of a jar left and I really love it.

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