Saturday, April 4, 2009

Misery loves Company!!

I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone tho!!

I had my tonsils taken out yesterday and I'm in a tremendous amount of pain. My surgery was schedualed for 9:30 am. Everything went really smooth and it was a grand day. But I wasn't able to breath on my own very well so we ended up at the hospital till 5:30 pm. I was on and off oxygen the whole time and I couldn't stay awake.

Now, I just feel miserable and sick. I'm on Percocet which makes me extremly tired. I take one and ten minutes later I'm asleep. Cold things actually make my throat hurt really bad so we went to the store and found a chicken broth that doesn't have any onions in it and I got so excited. I drink a lot of warm jello too.

Surgery Sucks!!


Nikki and Ray said...

Surgery DOES suck! Do you have any help from your family at all??? I hope they are helping, are you doing any better. I tell ya it is a bad surgery when you are older, your suppose to have them out when you are really young and then you recover much better. OH I soooo feel for you and I am so sorry. I wish I didn't work and I would come help! Hang in there girl!

Diana said...

My oh my. I have missed a lot of posts. I completely forgot your blog went private, so I've been wondering why I wasn't seeing any updates.

feel better