Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Depression hurts

You know those Cymbalta commercials where it says "Depression Hurts" well it is very true. I'm in a lot of physical pain due to the fact that I'm so stressed and depressed because we had to take our cats to the Animal Shelter. It was the hardest thing I think I have had to do in a while. It felt like a part of me died. I've had my cats for longer than I've had Kayl. So, it was hard for me to see them go. Now I'm just hoping that they get adopted to great homes. I didn't want to take Kayl with me cause I hate when he sees me cry so Kayl went to play with Grandpa while I went and dropped them off. Let me tell you, hearing them whine in the car all the way to the shelter was the worst thing ever. I was already crying when I got there and I started bawling when they brought back the empty pet carrier. It was a really rough day.


Diana said...

oh my gosh. i didn't think that it would be so hard. But I can totally imagine how you feel from this post. Sorry

Nancy said...

It's hard to give up things that we love.

Nikki and Ray said...

Sorry sweetie, it is so hard to do. It does hurt, in your heart. I love ya.