Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Experiments are fun!

Yesterday I decided to run to the grocery store to find something for dinner. I was craving lasagna so I went down the frozen isle to see what ones they had. A lot of them were on sale so I started to scan thru the ingredients. Every single one had freaking onions in it. I was so frustrated with them. I started to wander the store hoplesly searching for something to eat. Then it hit me like a bunch of bricks "how bout I make my own lasagna." Problem was, I have never made lasagna in my life and I didn't have the recipe with me so I had no idea what to buy to make it.
I stood in the isle for a while thinking back to my past shopping experiences with my mom. I could see everything that my mom would buy to make lasagna so I went around picking things up that I had seen in her cart.
I came home and started to mix the ingredients together. In the end my lasagna was a huge hit. Kayl and Todd had two platefuls and Kayl ate some more for lunch today. I'm getting good at this cooking thing.


Diana said...

Good job. Lasagna is Richard's Favorite. We probably make it monthly

Marika said...

Something you can do when you're at the grocery store with no idea is go to the magazine section--there are usually a couple of magazines or recipe books there.

Sorry you're allergic to onions... That'd be hard! They're in EVERYTHING!