Sunday, February 21, 2010

Prayers for my friends

I have three friends who need some prayers right now.
First is Katie Harkin. Katie and I met when I worked at Dollar Tree and we became really close friends. Last Sunday she gave birth, after being in the hospital for two months on bed rest, to twins. I got the phone call from her an hour after and she was said to report that one of them was stillborn. We cried together for thirty minutes. Her other baby is in the NICU and was only a pound and a half when he was born. I told her that I would pray for her.
Second is Emily Jacobs. I met Emily when I worked at Iggy's. She was one of the sweetest girls ever. Emily was in a terrible car accident in Denver CO the other day. She lost her right leg just below her knee. To make matters worse, she doesn't have insurance. She is a fighter and has been thru 8 surgeries so far. I pray for her nightly so she can come back to her family in Utah safely.
Third is Julia Robinson. I know her thru Tyson Stewart. The other day her dogs were outside in Provo when they were shot. Her dog Baily made it home and is doing surprisingly well. Her dog Roscoe has still not been found and she thinks that he was killed. I can't believe that someone would shot some innocent animals in the middle of the city.
Please pray for my friends. I know they need the prayers right now.

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