Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truth and Reconciliation

Truth: Todd and I have been in debt since before we were married. We finally decided to calculate it and it was well over 30,000 dollars. 15,000 of it was in medical bills.
Reconciliation: After many talks with my parents and our Bishop we came to a solution. Todd and I have filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Truth: We are fully aware that simply filing doesn't fix our habits. We know we have spending issues and have come to terms with it, and are learning from our mistakes.
Reconciliation: We are taking the advice of our Bishop and my parents and we are addressing the mistakes that we made head on so we will not make them again.

Truth: I have high ambitions for myself and I'm hoping to start school in the spring.
Reconciliation: I understand that it will put us in debt again but I'm fully committed to becoming a nurse.


Diana said...

Truth: That sucks.
Reconciliation: I'm not so sure I know what that word means. I'll have to go look it up.

Daelyn said...

Hard lessons to learn, but sometimes you just have to go through it before you'll believe what people have been trying to tell you all along. Good for you for learning the lesson early. Filing was one of the best things we could have done at the time. I learned my lesson. Unfortunately, he didn't. So just be careful. Changing habits & perspective isn't always easy, but I'm sure you will help each other keep on track :)