Monday, February 25, 2008

Adventures in teething!!

Trying to make a miserable face. Oh the pain!!

So today started out like any other day. Kayl was happy and content. I got him up at about 9 and fed and changed him. He went back to sleep till 11. When he woke up he was hungry so I fed him and Todd changed him. Then out of no where he started to scream. We were so confused. We started to walk around the house with him while rocking him and singing thinking that he just wanted to be mad. When that didn't work it struck me to look in his mouth. Yikes!! I saw a tooth starting to push its way thru. Oh No!! I wasn't ready for this yet. We ran into his room and grabbed the teething tablets and baby oragel. We gave him some and he kept crying. I'm was so not ready for all of the noise. I don't know what else to do we have teething rings and all of the stuff we need but he doesn't like them. He's calmed down now that his binki is in his mouth but we have to hold it in. Any advice please!!

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Guereca Family said...

Baby Tylenol works fairly well, especially if they are running a low grade fever too. I checked his age ans weight and he could have 0.8mg every 4-6 hours. Good luck hun!

Oh, also try to put your teething rings in the fridge, the cold helps with swelling.

I also heard...but haven't tried (but I'm going to with Cyrus) is that vibrating teethers work very well, I assume you could find one at babies r us or walmart, but i haven't actually looked :)

anyway, good luck again!