Saturday, February 9, 2008

To Move or not To Move?

That is the question.

Yesterday Todds best friend Tyson asked Todd if he wanted to move down to St. George with him. Todd called me and asked me what I thought. I think that it is a great idea but we are sad that we will be leaving our friends and family.

The reason we will be moving is Todds job. Tyson was asked if he wants to be the manager over St. George, but Tyson doesn't want to go there by himself so that is why he asked Todd and I. Tyson wants to but a house down there and let us live with him.

I really want to and so does Todd so today Tyson is coming over and we are going to look at houses together and see what it in his price range. Todd and I think that this is the best opportunity for us and we will take it.

Note: We will miss everyone up here but I will keep my blog updated and we'll come up for christmas and thanksgiving. But, you will all have to come down to St. George for Kayl's birthday. We love you all!!!

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