Friday, March 7, 2008

To Many Cats

So today I got a really big surprise! I was feeding Kayl at about 4 o'clock when I heard some strange squeaking noises. I thought that it was his bottle make the noises but it kept going so I put Kayl down and started to walk down the hall. I had just barely set foot in the hall when I saw a kitten crawling in the doorway to Kayl's room. I bolted for it and picked it up with a washcloth. I took our laundry basket and laid a towel in it and put the kitten in. Then a ran around the house looking for Lily because I didn't see here when I found the kitten. I finally found her under the bed so I grabbed her and put her in the basket as well. I did this all while talking to Todd on the phone and telling him that I needed his help.
Todd came home and I ran to the grocery store to get milk supplement and bottles just in case the kittens don't eat. When I got back she still had only one kitten. Todd made himself something to eat and then came and sat down for a little bit. As he was into his 3 peice of pizza Lily gave birth to another kitten. This whole time I'm running around taking care of Lily and Kayl because Todd had to go back to work.
An hour after Todd left Lily gave birth to another kitten. Then half an hour later 2 more kittens were born. So now I have 3 adult cats and 5 kittens. 2 are spoken for but if anyone else wants one let me know. 4 are black and 1 is orange.
Great Birthday present Huh!!

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