Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zoo Take Two

So, today we decided to go to the Zoo. Todd was really sad last time I went because he had to work so he was so excited to take Kayl again. We forgot his coat so when we got there we bought him a really cute sweatshirt that he got off of himself halfway through the zoo. Here are some really cute pictures of him that we took. Bat Cave!!
I'm very tired!!
We tried to get the Rhino in this picture but it didn't work out at least Kayl looks cute!
Why did you put these mittens on me?
I like to play with my fingers
What did you say dad?
Oooo!! Big snake

The Meerkat had Kayls attention for a while
Look a Kitty just like ours!!Porcupine!! Kayl cried when he saw this animal!
This monkey came right up to the glass to see Kayl! It was so cute!

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