Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big Tooth

Remember when I posted about Kayl teething? Well, now we are in the full swing of it. When I posted about his teeth last time I saw two seperate white dots. Today, out of the blue, Kayl started screaming and wouldn't calm down till I put him in the bathtub. When I was able to get his mouth open I saw a huge front tooth coming in on the bottom. I swear this thing is the size of my tooth. The corners are out of his gums but the middle is still in there really well. Any advice will be very helpful because he will only chew on his hands or his binki. He only stops crying when he eats, sleeps or is in the tub. I need help. He hasn't gotten the concept of grabbing things so he won't take the teething rings. Also, when I got his mouth open I saw another white dot just like the one that turned into his BIG tooth. HELP!!!!!!!!

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