Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Sleeping Monster!

I've begun to notice a trend in feeding Kayl around 7:30 pm. I'll make a six ounce bottle and he'll get down to the last ounce and a half and then his hands slowly fall back and he passes out. But the moment that you take the bottle out of his mouth he wakes up and looks at you with a face that says "Hey, I was drinking that!" So, I'll put it back in his mouth and not three seconds after I do that he passes out again. He did today while Todd was feeding him so I got the camera out and took some cute pictures of the monster. He is too cute for his own good. I love it!!

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Diana said...

Moving apt to apt. That must get tiring. By the way, I like this post. Michael does that too--but with his binki. He'll appear to be asleep, but when that binki falls out, he immediately wakes up and squirms! What is with these children of ours. Haha.