Thursday, April 3, 2008


Last night, out of nowhere Todds Ex-girlfriend started texting him and telling him that she was going to put him in prison and that she was going to kill herself. Todd started freaking out because we have no idea how she got his number and why she started doing this after 3 years. In one of the messages she told him that she was mad that he didn't love her anymore. Todd was so stressed that he locked himself in the babies room and I decided to call the police.
The police arrived and took down a statement from Todd. I, at this point wanted her to be arrested because I couldn't handle the false accusations that she was making towards Todd.
The police officer called us later that night and told us that he couldn't get her on the phone so he left a message for her to stop harrassing us and that we have a case that we are taking to court.


Anonymous said...
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Diana said...

You may not believe it, but the whole world isn't against you. You don't need to spend half your blog post defending yourself and family, if you honestly feel happy. But I guess it's your do what you want.

Diana said...

Good job Kath, I'm proud of you for erasing some of that. I think you'll have better responses otherwise. so when does your move happen?