Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Minor Surgery!!!

Today I took Todd to the doctors because his toes were bugging him. They had in grown again. We had them removed about 6 months ago but them came back with a vengance.

The doctor took one look and asked Todd how bad it hurts.

"Well, if our cat barely steps on it, it really hurts"

"Okay, then lets take them out"

We went to the room and they numbed his toes. After they numbed them we waited for a while so I went wandering around the room. Todd says I'm weird because I wanted to touch everything. They had the cool casting kits. I wanted one so bad but I didn't have a broken bone. Sad huh?

Anyway, the doctor came back and dove right into the surgery. He lifted up the toenails with these cool scissors and then cut to the root. After that he took a different set of scissors and pulled the ingrown toenails out. Then he took some medicine and killed the root. I thought that it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

He had a huge nail in his right toe. I took a picture of it after they took it out.

Well that was our exciting day at the doctors.

P.S. I hate snow!

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Guereca Family said...

Haha! I always do "surgery" on Victor's ingrowns. Gross, huh? Oh, I hate snow too :)