Tuesday, January 15, 2008

From Brown to Red

So, the other day I decided to make another Texas sheet cake for Todd as a surprise. I had all of the ingredients ready to go and as I went to fridge to get the milk I came to find that we had no milk.

"Nuts!!" I thought to myself

So, I put Kayl in his carseat and was about to walk out the door when Todd walked in.

"Where are you going?"

"To the store, I was making you a cake but we have no milk."

"Well, as long as we are at the store let's get something for dinner."

"Okay, I have been craving stroganough for the longest time."

I sat down and looked for a recipe and I couldn't find one I liked so I yried to get a hold of my Dad because I always loved his recipe for it. Well, my dad wasn't there so I asked my mom and she told me the basics. Thanks Mom!!

While we were at the store we went down the hair care aisle to find some shampoo.

"Hey Todd, I've been thinking about dying my hair, what do you think?"

"Yeah I think it would be cool!"

Then he and I stood in that aisle for 20 min. trying to find the right color. Finally I found it!!

"This is the color I want!!"

"Okay cool!!"

We went home and I went straight into the process of dying it. After I had all of the dye in my hair I went and cooked dinner and finnished the cake. Wow, I can really multi-task.

I then ate my dinner. After I was done I went into the bathroom to wash the dye out. After it was all out I dryed it and then looked in the mirror.

"Wow!!" I thought to myself "I look good!!!"

"Wow! That color looks amazing on you Honey!!"

Now, what color is it now? you ask. Well, I'll tell you. It is a great shade of RED!!!

I'll try and get some pictures posted soon because it really looks good.

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