Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Done!

I'm going to vent here for a minute and don't need any lectures about what I say I just have to vent.

So, our roommate still hasn't paid us the 200 dollars that he owes us. It has been 6 months and I really don't think that it takes that long for someone to come up with 200 dollars. He just keeps telling us next Tuesday and he's been saying that for 6 months.
I've also keep getting accusations put on me for things I didn't do. I try really hard to control my temper but right now I'm about to burst in anger. We need the money today and now we have to wait four more months.

Sorry, I just need to vent my anger out. I'm just done!!


Myrna said...

Time to find a new roommate?

Katharine said...

he has been gone since november

Kelline said...

That must be frustrating! I know roommates can be a pain.