Friday, January 9, 2009

OW!! My ears!!

I have interesting hearing. I don't mind the sound of nails on a chalk board or the sound of someone a knife on a plate. The one thing I cannot stand is Teeth Grinding.
Kayl has discovered that he can grind his teeth. I'm hoping that this is a stage that he is going thru. Because I don't think I could live with him doing this the rest of his life.
I think it is because he is still teething but I totally wish he wouldn't. Does anyone know any tricks to help him stop?


Diana said...

Just pull out his teeth. New ones will grow in in a couple of years

Nikki and Ray said...

Brenner does this too! His teeth are uneven too! It is annoying! The DDS said no worries until they are older, then maybe a mouth piece so they dont grind! Crazy huh!