Thursday, January 29, 2009

She took long enough!!

It's about time she popped her kittens out. She has been looking like she was ready to have them for like 3 weeks.
This morning she was meowing like crazy and seeking attention from me. I knew that she was going to have her kittens today I just didn't know when.
I left for work at 4:30 and 30 minutes later Lily was in labor and having her kittens. Todd had to lock the other two cats in closets to keep them away from her.
I finally got the text that she had had her kittens at about 10:45 and I rushed home to see them.
I'm very happy to report that she has had four kittens. Two of them look exactly like her. One is black with white feet, and one is black with a bunch of freckled colors all over. I was so happy that she had two that looked like her. We have never had that before and we really wanted her to have some that looked like her. Now we do!! If you want to come and see them let me know!!

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