Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ode to a pair of Flip-Flops

Oh my Flip Flops,
How I loved thee
You started out pink and new
As the years went on you became old and faded
People told me to throw you away
I said Nay!!

I loved the way you felt on my feet
The way you let the snow in in winter
The heat in summer

I may have worn other shoes
But I swear it was just for work
I may have looked for new Flip Flops
But I always came back to you

Then why? My Flip Flops
Did you break today?
After all these years and all the accidents I had
You break on a day where I did nothing at all

I'll miss you my loves
I don't know how to replace you
No one sells your brand anywhere
What will I do with out you?

Oh my Flip Flops
How I loved Thee!!
So, I'll try to fix you with super glue
But I doubt that will work
So, I bid you fond farwell!!

I know it is a picture of Kayl but it is the best one I had of my Flip Flops

1 comment:

Suzy said...

Ha ha! Yeah- totally know how that goes to become attached to a pair of shoes- no matter how ratty and old they get. Sorry you lost 'em.