Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sick with what!?!

Kayl has been so sick lately. It was such a sudden onset and I was terrified. His fever shot to 106 and it never went down past 101. He was throwing up and was just so miserable. I didn't know what to do. Then I was on Facebook and I was reading my sisters status and it said that my brother had the swine flu. I got super scared cause she was at my house the day before he got sick and was holding him and playing with him. I rushed him over to the Instacare. They ran a strep test first cause his tinsils were huge. It came back negative so they did the Swine Flu test and that one was negative so they said he probably just has a virus so they sent us home and told us to give him plenty of fluids and switch of Tylenol and Motrin every 2 hours. I did that.
Then this morning I woke up to the scariest sight you'll ever see.

I freaked out and burst into tears. I thought "Oh crap my baby is dying" I called the Instacare and talked to the same doctor that saw him yesterday. I told her his new symptoms and she said that it is Roseola Also called baby measles. This is a nonserious but common childhood viral infection that starts with a high fever and swollen lymph glands. After 24 hours, the fever breaks and the child develops a red rash on the neck and trunk.
She said that it would go away but it may come back often. It was just terrifing. At least I know what it so I won't freak out next time.

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