Friday, November 7, 2008

Formula or Milk?

Kayl has all of a sudden had to transition from formula to milk in one day. I thought that he would freak out when I handed him the bottle of milk. But, to my surprise he took it right away and started drinking it. Well, that was a big relief to me. I thought it was going to a long time for him to get used to milk.

Tooth update: Kayl actually let me look in his mouth today and I was able to see his two top molars coming in. I think that he is getting his bottom ones too but he wouldn't let me look.

Temple update: Todd and I had our first Temple lesson yesterday and we loved it and we can't wait for the rest and for the day Todd, Kayl and I can be sealed as a family!!!

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Dirk and Dae said...

We are so proud of you & it's so neat to see you both so happy! I hope your parents come around 'cause they're missin' out! Love ya!