Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a scary night!!

Kayl had to go to the hospital for the first time last night. I was so scared because he had woken up from his afternoon nap with a fever of 101.4. We went over to Todd's mom's house to use her thermomater because we lost ours in our many moves. After we had hung out there for a while we went home and I gave Kayl some Tyelnol and watched WALL-E. After WALL-E was over we took his tempurature and it had shot up to 102.5. So we packed him up and ran off to the hospital. When we got there they took his tempurature again and it had gone up again. Now it was at 102.8.
They ended up giving him some Ibprofrin and an Ultra sound on his leg because they were concerned about a big red bump on his leg. They thought that there was a build up of pus under it that was causing his fever. Turns out it is just a really painful bump. They took his tempurature before we left and he was at 98.5.
Then this morning he woke up screaming. I took his tempurature and he was back up at 102.8. I didn;t take hi back to the hospital but I gave him some tyelnol and his fever went down. But now it is going back up. Does anyone now what could cause a fever so fast.


Kelline said...

YOu don't know be, but I am Nancy's sister. I have several kids. Fevers are a good thing, a heartache, but good. They mean your child is fighting a bug. What is bad, is when they don't go down. So give him some ibprophen and let him suck on a cool rag. You can also bathe him when the fever rises.

Big concerns are if the fever is 103.5 or higher, doesn't go down with medicine, or he develops a rash.

Nikki and Ray said...

It is so scary! He might be getting his 1 yr old molers, teething sucks or it could just be a flu bug. Baths help they like to play in it, just keep adding cooler too, but not to cold. Some kids react better to ibprophen and some do better with tylenol. Did you ever figure out what the lump was on his leg??? Bug bite or shots maybe??? Sorry and I hope he feel better. Cant wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving.