Friday, November 14, 2008

Kayl's first day on set!

Today was Kayl's first day on the set of the short film he is in. He was so good! I was scared that he would be terrible and that they would have to replace him. He did start crying but the director said that it was perfect because that is the feel of the movie. We were supposed to film both of his scenes today but it ended up getting to late so we will be going back sometime next week to finnish his last scene. I'm so excited to see the finished movie. I'm sad that I only got pictures of him getting his makeup on but I wasn't allowed to take any pictures on the set.


MidSpeck said...

Can you tell us the name of the short film or who is producing it?

Dirk and Dae said...

How fun! Is it just a local film, a church film, a major film? How did you guys get involved in getting him cast in a film? Ok, I guess that was a dumb question... you took him to an audition of sorts, right?