Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bike Accident

When Todd and I were growing up we always learned that when you ride a bike you must wear a helmet and go against traffic. We had no idea that the law had changed.

Yesterday, Todd was riding his bike to work when he got to 800 south in Orem a car didn't see him and hit the back of the bike totally destroying it and knocking Todd to the ground. Todd was okay and the driver of the car was really sorry that he didn't pay attention. When the police showed up they didn't issue any tickets because they were both ay fault because Todd was going against traffic and not with it. We had no idea the law changed.

The guy that hit Todd gave him 200$ for a new bike and gave him a ride to work. Alls well that ends, well I guess.


Layla said...

I've always been taught to ride with traffic. At least that is the law in LA and here in WA.

Nancy said...

That's ironic...we just had a bicycle rodeo yesterday.

And, yes, many kids are still taught to ride against traffic but the truth is a bike is a vehicle and needs to follow the same rules as cars.

Have fun bike shopping!

Diana said...

I just walk.
Unless I'm going in circles around a cul-de-sac