Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Disneyland Day 1 (June 20)

Kayl was so excited to go to Disneyland that he woke us up at 5 a.m. We tried so hard to get him to go back to sleep until 7 but nothing worked so we let him take a shower and then we got ready to go.
We had a huge family picture that we had to take before we could go our own way. It took close to an hour for everyone to arrive at the park and stand in front of the Mickey flowers. There were 75 people on our group, it was crazy!!
When the picture was over Kayl started signing that he was hungry, so we stopped at one of the bakeries on Main Street and got us some pastries. They were amazing!!
After we finished eating we took Kayl on his first roller coaster, The Haunted Mansion. Let me tell you, that ride scared me to death when I was little but Kayl had a blast until the ride was over. Every time we got off a ride he would cry, but he had fun while he was on them. The second we got off that ride we went next door the The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Kayl actually highly enjoyed this one. He waved at all the Pirates and danced to the music.
We then headed over to Tom Sawyers island and we let Kayl run around for a while. He had such a blast in the tree house.

Once we got back to the main area we headed towards Splash Mountain just to see if they would allow Kayl on since he was only two inches too short. Alas, they said no so we walked around the corner and low and behold Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore were there meeting people. Kayl eyes lit up when he saw them, so we stood in line to meet them.

After we saw them we headed over to Fantasyland. Kayl was in awe when we walked through that castle.

Our first stop there was the Snow White ride, then we headed to Peter Pan, and finally hit Mr. Toads Wild Ride. We would have hit some more but after each ride we spent 10 minutes calming Kayl down. My theroy is that it was the noise level and bright lights that scared him.

We then stopped in a little bistro and had a yummy lunch of hamburgers and chicken. After lunch we took Kayl to the best place in Disneyland, Toontown.
Toontown has changed a lot from when I was there last. I remember being to big and having to watch Sarah and Emily play around. This time I was actually able to go in all of the houses and explore with Kayl.

Todd even took Kayl to Mickeys house where they were able to meet Mickey. Kayl was overjoyed to meet him.

We stayed in Toontown for a while longer because we wanted to go on the Roger Rabbit ride. The wait was a 75 minute wait. Thankfully the entire wait is inside and airconditioned with all this neat stuff to look at.

After Toontown, we headed out of Disneyland and over to Downtown Disney. I heard that there was a Build a Bear there and I wanted to badly to take Kayl there. We even brought Morgan, one of his Build a Bears from home, but by the time we got there Kayl had completly passed out in his stroller. That didn't stop me from going in and looking around. Todd then saw the best store in the world, the Lego store. We walked in and were in awe of how huge it was. We got Kayl a Cute Winnie the Pooh duplo set and we even built ourselves in lego character form.

After we got everything we wanted we very slowly made our way back to the hotel. My Carpal Tunnel decided to make an awesome apperance. By the time we got to the hotel my entire lower half of my body was swollen. I quickley took a bath and then iced my legs and ankles because we had made plans to stay in Disneyland until midnight that night and I was not going to miss that opportunity.
After the swelling went down enough that I could walk again we dropped Kayl off with my mother in law and headed back to the park. Our first Stop was the Indiana Jones ride.
The last time I was in Disneyland they had just barely opened this ride. I was terrified to go on it but my Mom insisted that I go. I cried the whole wait which was probably about 45 minutes. Then I cried on the ride, and even as we were exiting the ride I was still crying, but through my tears I asked my Mom if we could go again. She just rolled her eyes and said no. I feel so bad that I did that because the ride was awesome. Sorry Mom.
We then went straight from Indiana Jones to Splash Mountain and we were on that ride in 5 minutes. Todd made me sit in the front so I could get soaked. It was great.
Then, we ran across the park to Space Mountain which has under gone some awesome renovations. We waited in line for and hour and a half, but it was worth it.
After those rides it was midnight so we had to head to out of the park and back to our sleeping child. Our first day was awesome!!

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Diana said...

Michael and I just lived vicariously through you. I would love to go to Disneyland--however, Michael is about as scared as Richard of roller coaster rides. So-I'll have to wait a couple years.

I mean, really, Michael gets scared of driving fast on the freeway. Can you imagine him in the teacups, or splash mountain?!

That Winnie the Pooh video was cute!