Thursday, June 12, 2008

Broken Bones and Late Night Walks

Today, Todd called me to inform me that he had dropped a manhole lid on his finger. At first I laughed at him cause I thought it was funny but then I thought about it again and I told him to be careful and to come home on time.
When he got home I examined the finger and noticed that it was really swelling up. I was going to take him to the hospital when I remembered that doctors can't do very much for a broken finger. Just like they can't do very much for a broken toe seeing since I have borken all my toes at one point in my life.
We went to Macey's and got a finger splint. I splinted his finger and told him to not use it very much.
When we were coming home from Macey's Kayl decided to have an outburst. It was only half an hour past his normal bedtime but lately he hasn't being doing anything normal. He hasn't been going to bed on time or taking his regular naps everything is different.
At about 10:45 I got fed up with him crying so i told Todd that we were going on a walk. We got Kayl dressed again because he had just taken a bath and we put him in the stroller and went on a 45 min walk.
When we got home, Todd took Kayl out of his stroller and cuddled with him a little then he gently laid him down in his crib and now he is fast asleep. Maybe we have to do walks more often with him. Now maybe we can get some sleep. Yeah Right!

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