Saturday, June 28, 2008

St. George Trip

This past week was a crazy week for the Tangreen Clan. Todd got a call on Saturday night and it was Tyson asking him if he would come down on sunday to St. George and stay the week so his nephew Chris could stay up in Provo with his newborn baby for a while. So, on Sunday we went up to my Grandparents mission homecoming and left right afterwards and started our drive to St. George.
Usually, Kayl will sleep in the car but for this car ride he decided that it would be fun to stay awake the whole way down. I ended up having to sit in the back with him so he wouldn't think that I had left him. All the way down he was very talkative and just wanted to play with me.
While he was focused on his toys I was able snap some shots of the sceanary that we passed by. But, the moment he noticed that I wasn't looking he would give me a cute little scream so as to get my attention.
He does have quite a cute face when he screams at you. Little did I know that he was getting a little cold. Oh well, I got some Tylenol and he seems to be getting a lot better.

Finally, when we were ten minutes away from Tyson's house he decided that he would pass out. Why he couldn't just fall asleep in the car I'll never know besause he was really tired the entire way down.

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