Sunday, June 15, 2008

We love Grandpa Logan!

Today was Fathers day! Happy Fathers Day to all you Daddies out there. Todd and I went to his Aunt Jill's house for dinner. Kayl loves being around the family, he smiles and giggles around everyone. He even hands out kisses to people. Kayl was really tired when we were driving there so he had passed out by the time we pulled up and the minute we got him out of the car he was awake again. First, Grandma Wendy took Kayl so Logan and Todd could eat and after Logan was done he took Kayl so Wendy and I could eat. Kayl Loves to play with Grandpas hair. His favorite thing to do with the hair is put it in his mouth and then try to put it into Grandpas mouth. Kayl giggles when Grandpa makes funny faces at him. So, Todd whips out the camera and takes some really great pictures. I'm so tired Daddy!
Fine I'll look at the camera better.
Hi Grandpa!

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