Monday, June 30, 2008

Perfect Timing

I have been trying to sell my Geo for about four months now and I was starting to lose faith that it would sell until this morning. I got a telephone call while I was in St. George and they wanted to come and look at my car. I told them that I would be home on Sunday. I then got a phone call this morning and they said that they were still interested. They came over 20 min. later and we talked about the car and they took it on a test drive. The test drive was a little longer then usual so I was hoping that they didn't steal it. When they came back they told me to get in my car and drive to my bank. They paid me 2500 cash for the car. I started to cry when they told me they wanted it. I was just so happy. Now my Geo is gone and we still have the problem of a cheap apartment.

When I came home from the bank I checked my e-mail and I had gotten an e-mail from the apartment that I had applied for. They told me that they would hold it for me till July 18 and I told them I could move in the 17. The rent there is only 510. It would've been more but they wanted us to be the apartment managers so we get a discount. I'm just so happy that everything is finally falling into place.

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Richard said...

I am so happy for you too. I'm glad you were finally able to sell it, and to get an apartment on the same day! Someone is watching out for you. What a blessing. Where's the new apt at??
From Diana (Signed in under Richard.)