Sunday, July 20, 2008

A busy day for the Tangreen Clan!!

Today was a very busy day for us Tangreens. I woke up this morning around 7:30 and got dressed for church. I woke Todd up and told him to get dressed. Then together we woke Kayl up and got him dressed. See, we had to go to Wales this morning because my cousin just got home from her mission in London and her homecoming was today. When we got there Kayl was not too happy. He didn't really like the drive down there and there were too many people in the house. After everyone got to the house my Aunt Dorthey and Uncle Raymond opened their mission call. They got called to the Cape Town, South Africa mission. Once we all heard the news we headed for the church. Kayl was still alittle grumpy, but after awhile of mom and him playing he was happy enough to go to Grandma Heiss. Of course, Sarah did have to give him her keys. After sacrament meeting we went back over to the house and ate some yummy yummy food. I got to see some of my family members that I haven't seen since before I was married. They were all excited to see Kayl for the first time.

Michael and Michelle
Then we came home to a big surprise. I had been waiting for about a week for Lily to give birth and when we came home she was no where to be seen. I walked down the hall and noticed that Kater was not wanting to go into our room, which is really strange. So, I went to investigate. I got down on my belly and I saw Lily just laying under the bed. At first I didn't see the kittens. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. I screamed for Todd to get in the room. Seeing how he is the only one who can fit under the bed. I told him to lay her on our bed and he went back down and brought up two orange kittens. About 5 min. after he put her on the bed she had a third orange kitten. I was so excited that she had finally given birth. She had a total of 5 kittens. Three orange and two black!!

Then today at about 6 pm we went over to my brothers house for a birthday party. See, my neice Rachel turned one today. So, the family had a little get together. We discovered that Kayl has a fasination for balloons. He and Grandpa were playing with them. It was so cute to watch.

Rachel is so big now. I can't believe that in 3 more months Kayl will be 1 and I'll have toplan a party for him.

It was a fantasiclly tiring day today.

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Diana said...

Oh! What a fun day!!!!!! I miss you all!
3 months until he's One year old too?? Wow