Monday, July 14, 2008

Mike's Back!!!

Last week our friend Mike came home from Iraq. He came to Utha this week to visit his family and friends. So, last night I get a call from Tiffany and she invited Todd and I to a bonfire up the Canyon to welcome him home. At first we didn't know if we could find a babysitter in time but thankfully Sarah was willing to babysit him. Thank you Sarah and Mom, sorry Kayl cried the entire time.
When we got to the canyon we were the first ones at the park so Todd decided it would be funny to run around. When he saw Mike and Tiffs car he ran out in the middle of the road to meet them. I know I have a strange husband.
We unloaded their car and started the fire. We made Smores, told stories, and had some great laughs. Mike and Tiff are only here for the week and I will be sad when they go back to California. Tiffany is my bestfriend in the entire world and it is so hard when she is gone because I have no girlfriends to hang out with. Oh, Well! In the end we had a blast and ope that we can see them more while they are here.

Christian Contemplating
Todd being himself
Group photo take 1
Group photo take 2
I hate looking at the camera. I have always hated pictures.

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