Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kayl's first Band-Aid!

Tonight was Todd and my Halo night. Usually during Halo night Kayl is a good boy and plays with Daddy's controller, but tonight he decided it would be fun to grab Daddy's empty soda can and try to drink out of it. The second he had grabbed it Todd took it away and Kayl started to cry. Todd took a closer look and noticed that there was some blood around his lips. Todd freaked out and ran him over to me. Upon closer examination I noticed that it was his thumb that had a little slice on it. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a Band-Aid. When I got back Kayl decided that he was okay so he resumed his quest to get the soda can. I grabbed him and he starte to cry again because I took him away from the can. I then proceeded to put the Band-Aid on. Now, his goal is to get the Band-Aid off of his finger. It is really funny!
NO MORE SODA KAYL!! (hehehe)

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