Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Ready

Todd and I are getting ready to get sealed in the Temple. Our Bishop recommended that we get some Temple books from Deseret Book. So, yesterday we went to the mall and asked for help in finding the bools we needed. We ended up staying in the store for over an hour looking at different books. The onw that caught our attention, the one we bought, is by Elder Boyd K. Packer and it is called The Holy Temple. After we got home, we called our Bishop to tell him what book we had gotten and he told us that the book we got was an excellent choice. Todd and I put Kayl down for bed and then went into the bedroom and began to read it together. It is such a good book and I think that everyone should read it, even if you aren't planning on going to the temple or have already been. We didn't want to put it down last night.

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Guereca Family said...

Good luck you guys!! It's such an amazing experience!