Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kayl Runs Away!!

Usually during the day Kayl is just content to roll around on the floor in the living room and play with his toys. He usually lets me get some things done around the house while he does this too.
Yesterday he gave me the run around. See, he is still learning to crawl. He does crawl, but it is more of a scoot than anything. He has been discovering that there are other places to go in the living room.
Since our house is a one bedroom he sleeps in the living room. Usually he will just rearrange our DVD collection around the room but yesterday he scared me to death. I was cleaning mine and Todd's room when I heard so giggling coming from the living room. Usually when he giggles Kater is rubbing up against him tickeling his face. I went out to investigate.
I got out to the living room and I couldn't find Kayl anywhere. I started freaking out and running through the house searching for him. I kept hearing his giggle and still I couldn't see him.
Finally, I saw his finger move from under his crib. I laid down on the floor and looked under the crib. Kayl looked bakc at me with a huge smile and started to laugh at me. I just started to laugh back. It was so funny, I wish I had the camera so you could have seen his face.

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