Friday, July 4, 2008

Parade Fun!!

Yesterday, after Todd got home I decided that we should go and find a spot for the parade. So , we packed a blanket and chairs and drove over to University Ave. I found the perfect spot. It was right in front of the 7-11.
This morning we got a wake up call from Sarah at about 7:45 asking us where we were sitting. I told her that we would be there in ten minutes and to find the 7-11 and our star blanket. I then got dressed and fed and changed Kayl. We got in the car and found a really good parking spot. Then we walked to our spot. Sarah was already there waiting for us and Kayl was so excited to see her. Ooo Loud noises!!
I'm so tired!
This was the float that my old stake entered in the parade. The straw actually shot water out at people. It was so cool!
Here it is again!
Babar! I need to find where they sell his books. I loved reading about him!
It's Emily and Jacob!!
Jacob got embarressed when I called out his name. He just rolled his eyes and tried to ignore me. I don't think it worked.

Darth Vader even came to march in the parade!

Sarah commented that she wanted to be the lady in blue because it looked fun.

I see Auntie Em and Uncle Jakey!!
Sarah and I were so loud when that Democratic parties car drove by. Everyone around us was booing but Sarah and I were cheering and people looked at us funny and we just laughed. It was so much fun. I think that we will go again next year!

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